Friday, November 27, 2009

Nordstrom holiday campaign 2009

This year I worked with Nordstrom again to help create their holiday campaign.


Birdhouse interior.

Initial sketches and developing ideas.

Backgrounds: These were created as uber big files to be used within the window displays. Uber, uber big files.

The giving tree.

Holiday bag.

Holiday ornament.

Downloadable birdhouses. Nordstrom's design team did a beautiful job at creating these designs from my existing images.

Gift cards, gift tags and other bits and pieces.

Screen shots, animation and links.
You can download the gift tags and 3D bird houses for free here:
A short animation featuring some of my artwork:


Santa Rita said...

I very fan of your stuff. It's magic!
It' s a pleasure to see everytime.

Pia Nygaard Pedersen said...

cool, very cool, looks so good

rachel said...

sweet designs!

i started following your blog last year after i got a nordstrom gift card and fell in love with the little birdie on it.

and now im super excited to see everything in the stores this year.

Edith Chan said...

I am a big fan of your stuffs and in love with your illustrations. So excited to see your winter wonderland and the birdie of this christmas.

Lisa Evans said...

Thanks :)

Tammie Lee said...

these are absolutely charming!

Kelly Fillion said...

Hi Lisa, I just purchased your book here in Canada at Indigos for myself and my daughter, and I am so thrilled with it, it is truly a work of art and I shall treasure it forever! When I saw it in the bookstore from across the isle, I ran to it and said "now that is the most beautiful children's book I have laid eyes on in a long time".

Becky said...

I just looked up your name because of the Nordstrom campaign and I just love your work! I was so happy to see that you post sketches from the beginning of your process - I love seeing how other artists get from A to Z. Keep it up :)

- ♥ - grace - ♥ - said...

I just found you after googling "nordstrom holiday bag" and looking under images. I save your bags, they are so beautiful! Thanks for bringing this happiness into my life. I have this year's bag with the birdies and the house and the bag that was green you did before with the wreath design. Love it all!

römina biassöni said...

All this work, is amazing!!!