Monday, September 06, 2010

Rose and The Nutcracker

Out now :)


Kerri-Ann said...

Just a quick question, do you have to have rights to use a story such as The Nutcracker to do your own illustrations for?

brandi milne said...

whoa whoa whoa little lady!!! I'm sooo getting both!!! Hope you are well!!

Lisa Evans said...

Thanks Brandi! :) Hope all is well with you too.

Hi Kerri-Ann, the nutcracker is out of copyright so yes you can work with the story.

Kerri-Ann said...

Oh really? That's great! Is there a way of finding out which stories are out of copyright? It would be such a useful tool! Thank you

Lisa Evans said...

I'd just google the stories I'm interested in or look them up on wikipedia. Someone may have compiled a list of out of copyright stories so its worth googling for that too.


sara said...

Beautiful art work.. love it