Sunday, October 08, 2006

The Tinderbox / painting


a_chata said...

Hi! loved your work! good luck!

Nuria said...

Hi Lisa!!
Your new illustrations are lovely!! I need to buy your new work, Its gorgeous!!
I hope you are ok.

One kiss!!!

Nuria :D

migueltanco said...

beautiful work , you have a very good sense of color...

Anonymous said...

Dearest Lisa,

I can't begin to explain how curious I am about the worlds that you create with your paint.

AQs you know, this picture was inspiration for my Monster song. Keep it coming!

Wishing you all the best


Jason de Graaf said...

Really top notch, original stuff Lisa!

A said...


July Macuada said...

Lisa, your artwork is amazing, wonderful, gorgeous! I love it. Colors and technique are fantastic!!. I saw your website, but now I found your blog and I´m so happy.



Stéphanie Chagnon said...

I Lisa, I love your work too, I had actually seen before And I think you are doing a really good job.

Mauricio said...

Hello Lisa,

Great artwork!

congats! all illustrations are the best

Esteban said...

I think your work is brilliant. :-)

Santiago CARUSO said...

Lisa: Thanks for your gentle and sweet words. Let me give my congratulations about your work. So interesting images, and strange by the way. Receive please, best wishes for you, from my part. I expect that my weack english don´t be so bad. Saludos. Please check my children´s illustrations at

Santiago Mansilla said...

hi, this is my first time here, and I have to say I really like this images that you create.
best wishes

Violeta Lópiz said...

Hello, your work is also wonderfull, I like so much...your technic is so good, but the ideas are really fantastic.
I hope you good luck.