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I have drawings in two exhibitions this January.

'Further into the Woods' at Gallery Nucleus
From January 7th until January 29th

Drawing Dreams Foundation art fundraiser at the Society of Illustrators from January 19th.

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Dweller on the threshold

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50 words for snow / Commission for Mojo magazine

Kate Bush has a new album coming out called 50 Words for Snow. She's one of my favourite musicians so I was very happy to be able to illustrate a feature review of her album for Mojo magazine. The little boy in the picture is Kate's son Bertie. He sings on the album along with Elton John and Stephen Fry. Here's the first song released: Wild Man

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3d printing

I modeled my character Star Belly in Maya and then uploaded it to Shapeways.

I chose two materials to experiment with; Detailed and strong and flexible.

The figurine on the left is made out of the detailed material. It has a smoother surface making it easier to paint on. The figurine on the right is made out of the strong and flexible material. It captures more detail but also highlights more flaws. It has a rougher and more porous surface making it harder to work with.

Painting time. I should have purchased more appropriate paints and brushes..

Snape, Star Belly and an owl

I need to do more research into pricing and printing possibilities. I love painting things by hand, but it would also be cool to paint the model digitally in Mudbox and have the 3D printer produce full colour versions. As far as I know printing tonally/coloured gradients isn't available yet.

I'm looking forward to when printing prices come down so I can build my army of Star Bellies. Mwahaha! >:)

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Bioshock fan art


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An animated gif of the asteroid Vesta
Please click to enlarge.

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An Interview with DPI magazine

Here are a couple of spreads from a recent interview with DPI Magazine in Taiwan.

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