Saturday, March 08, 2008

Star belly flying


Lisa Evans said...

Hi Lisa - I am another Lisa Evans who lives in Birmingham. I was googling other Lisa Evans' whom were in existance on the net. I have decided you are by far the best Lisa Evans I have come across and feel that your talent went to the wrong Lisa Evans! I really admire your art work and I am enchanted by your illustrations. Do you sell your art work? I would love an original Lisa Evans!!
bye Lisa...Evans

Emily said...

this feels so soft! I really like the whites and textures! really caught my eye!

gabriel pacheco said...

etérea light, much light, tenuous. Everything as if outside the color
of a dream.

Anonymous said...

i like your stuffs a lot :-)

This Jersey Momma said...

I just stumbled upon your site. Your work is quite beautiful with just a touch of scary.

rosmayd said...

Que belleza!!!

Unknown said...

Great, great picture Lisa!

Alicia Padrón said...

Your work is so incredible beautiful Lisa!! I linked you to my blog, hope is Ok :o)

Coni Salgado said...

Hi Lisa!!

Beautiful ilustrations, do you want to be part of La luna?

Write us!!! One text of a writer with one ilustration.
To show children of the world your magic

Thank you!!!


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Coni Salgado
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Anonymous said...

Bellissimi disegni ! Complimenti !

Sally Darby said...

I love your work it makes me smile, its beautiful. You came to talk to my illustration course at uwe in the second year, thanks for being inspiring.

Anonymous said...

If perfection is possible, then this is perfect to my eyes. Bravo!

Anonymous said...

woow! beautifull illustrations!

Mercedes De La Jara said...

Your work is so incredible beautiful Lisa !!

Anonymous said...

It just made me think of my own daugther and hope that she flyes in her dreams like the little girl on this illustration. I really like your work.