Wednesday, October 12, 2011

3d printing

I modeled my character Star Belly in Maya and then uploaded it to Shapeways.

I chose two materials to experiment with; Detailed and strong and flexible.

The figurine on the left is made out of the detailed material. It has a smoother surface making it easier to paint on. The figurine on the right is made out of the strong and flexible material. It captures more detail but also highlights more flaws. It has a rougher and more porous surface making it harder to work with.

Painting time. I should have purchased more appropriate paints and brushes..

Snape, Star Belly and an owl

I need to do more research into pricing and printing possibilities. I love painting things by hand, but it would also be cool to paint the model digitally in Mudbox and have the 3D printer produce full colour versions. As far as I know printing tonally/coloured gradients isn't available yet.

I'm looking forward to when printing prices come down so I can build my army of Star Bellies. Mwahaha! >:)


nini said...

OMG.. this is wonderful! Thank you so much for sharing. I had no idea things advanced so far and became more attainable (I saw 3D printer back in 2006 when it was REALLY expensive to "print" anything).

You just gave my brains new things to work on :D

And now for the most important part of my comment, your Star Bellie is gorgeous, sooooo cute and lovable and huggable that you'll just HAVE to make more and sell them.



Lisa Evans said...

Thanks Nini!

It's not cheap yet but it is doable, and I think it will only get better and cheaper.
Artists are going to have a field day me thinks.
I imagine at some point we will have 3D printers in our home along side our 2D printers.
I know there are 3D scanners and I suspect 3D modeling programs will get easier to use as well. Fun! :-)
I'm glad you like Star Belly. I wonder how long it will be before 3D printers can print fluff.

nini said...

I went crazy with ideas yesterday when I looked through the links you gave us. Really. It was just so... overwhelming.

To have a 3D printer at home... hehe... now that's a really nice thought to ponder on :D Oh how much fun and joy that would bring.

Me needs to explore/learn 3D a bit more now ;)